StabilRoad® supports young Estonian Drift driver!

StabilRoad supports young Estonian Drift driver!

Team: Randalu Drift Team
Competition car: BMW E36
Power: 780hp / 1100nm


2022 19th place in Drift Masters European Championship
2021 6th place in Drift Masters European Championship
2020 3rd place in the Baltic Championship
2020 2nd place in the Estonian-Latvian Championship Pro Class
2020 Estonian Champion Pro Class
2018 Estonian Champion Semi-Pro Class
2018 3rd place in the Northern European Championship

Drift is a relatively new type of motorsport discipline and the only one where the result is not a competition based on the best times, but determined with points by a panel of judges. Drifting competitions are held worldwide and are judged according to the speed, angle, showmanship and line taken through a corner or set of corners. As a sport, drifting began in Japan in the 70’s.

Oliver Randalu started competing in 2017 and since then StabilRoad has been his main sponsor. In Drifting, the road must be evenly stable, solid, perfectly leveled and without holes – this is exactly what StabilRoad specializes in. StabilRoad® technology allows to create ideal, strong and durable soils for highways and other objects requiring a stable foundation.

“For me, Drift is full of adrenaline and a spectacular racing sport where every driver expresses his way of driving style based on a specially built competition vehicle” says Oliver Randalu, and continues “I’m pushing myself and my car to the limits, in order to be better and more competitive every year, my goal of course is to reach the top of the European Drift Championship and get on the podium”.