Periods of monsoon rains

In the monsoon rain areas, the annual amount of precipitation reaches up to 3000 mm per year. The roads are simply washed away and specially in the often occuring floods the complete infrastructure is devastated. The advanced roads build with StabilRoad are in perfect conditions after many years and make sure that also rural communities dont loose their vital infrastructure again and again. StabilRoad supports the strongly needed economical development of rural areas with safe climate adapted roads.

Formula E World Championship

The Hyderabad Street Circuit is a temporary venue constructed to host the Formula E World Championship. Located on the roads of NTR Park on the edge of the Hussain Sagar Lake, the race has been organised with the backing of the Telangana local government. The NTR Marg road was stabilized using StabilRoad technology in 2018. It was the first StabilRoad 100% asphalt recycle stabilisation and total contruction in India carried out in 2018. Telangana and Hyderabad Authorities and Race operators have chosen the road with highest quality level for the Formula E Race to promote the modern technical standard in India to the world. We are proud that StabilRoad supports that way forward and we are driven by our commitment to deliver the highest standards to our partners.

Formula E World Championship

Hyderabad International Airport

Airbus Beluga, one of the world’s largest cargo planes, landed at the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIA) on December 4, giving viewers a rare and extraordinary experience. Arrangements have been made by the Hyderabad Airport authorities for its landing. He landed on the runway which was included in a total StabilRoad rehabilitation project of 700.000 square meters in 2020 and 2021.

Krishnapatnam Port

Krishnapatnam Port is located on the east coast of India and is one of the largest ports in the region. 6 years ago, StabilRoad technology was used there for the first time. Durable roads used by 120 Ton heavy load trucks,container terminals and truck parking areas were built and renovated on extreme difficult soil on the green field. The work done has been continuously monitored by Indian premier institutes like CRRI and IIT Hyderabad and samples have been taken to this day. The quality of the works carried out is still excellent and the roads withstand heavy loads and traffic activity well.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands – StabilRoad in a strategic important area

We are very proud to be a part of the strengthen of the political and strategical very important area of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The islands hosts the first and only tri-service theater command of the Indian armed forces based at Port Blair. It was created to safeguard Indias strategic interests in Southeast Asia. The climate is a tropical monsoon area with extrem weak and muddy soils combined with heavy storms. Initial project was the construction of 90 lane Kilometers on the national highway NH 4. It was successfully carried out in 2020-2022 by applying StabilRoad technology.

StabilRoad® toetusel: Drift Masters European Championship 2022



StabilRoad trademark certificate in African OAPI countries

From February 11th. 2021 the StabilRoad trademark is registered and protected in African OAPI countries.


Vishwa Samudra Engineering visioon uue India ehitamiseks on vankumatu pühendumus jätkusuutlikule keskkonnale

The Vishwa Samudra Engineering vision to build the new India is an unwavering commitment to a sustainable enviroment. In India, on the Yadavalli-Kondang road section, Vishwa Samudra Engineering (StabilRoad’s exclusive partner in India) gave a live demonstration of eco-friendly road construction based on StabilRoad technology. Demonstration of road construction was part of two-day national-level programme by National Rural Infrastructure Development Agency (NRIDA) of the Union Ministry of Rural Development in association with the State Panchayath Raj department. Goverment officials from various States attended the demonstration to study the technology and implement it in their respective States.

“We are currently building the superior quality roads with StabilRoad technology in other States such as Telagana, Kerala, Andaman & Nicobar, UP and Bihar,” said Mr. R. Rjasekharan, Vice President of the company.


Vishwa Samudra Engineering visioon uue India ehitamiseks on vankumatu pühendumus jätkusuutlikule keskkonnale

Vishwa Samudra Engineering visioon uue India ehitamiseks on vankumatu pühendumus jätkusuutlikule keskkonnale

StabilRoad® trademark is registered and protected in Australia

From September 20th. 2021 the StabilRoad trademark is registered and protected in Australia.


Vishwa Samudra Engineering: Revolutionizing With Futuristic And Sustainable Solutions with StabilRoad technology

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