Vishwa Samudra Engineering: Revolutionizing With Futuristic And Sustainable Solutions with StabilRoad technology

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Hyderabad International Airport, India

During the renovation and reconstruction work started in March 2020, all taxiways, some potions of secondary runway and full area of main primary runway at Hyderabad Airport  were stabilized using StabilRoad® technology. A total of nearly 300,000m2. This project is discussed in more detail under the work done on our website.

Supported by StabilRoad®: Drift Masters European Championship 2021

With the support of StabilRoad®, Estonia’s best Drift athlete Oliver Randalu will compete for the title of European Champion at the Drift Masters European Championships this season. Oliver has been elected a member of the Autosport Team Estonia this year. The start of the race will be given on May 29 at the PC Racing Center in Austria. You can keep up to date with the drift world:

Supported by StabilRoad®: Drift Masters European Championship 2021


StabilRoad® kaubamärgi õiguste taotlus Araabia Ühendemiraatides

We received United Arab Emirates trademark certificates. Trademarks are now registered in the name of StabilRoad Holding Ltd. We hope to start the first road sections this year.

StabilRoad technology was presented in the ICSECM 2019 year-book

The International Conference on Structural Engineering and Construction Management in 2019 was held on December 12-14 at the Earl’s Regency Hotel, Kandy, Sri Lanka. It was the tenth conference in a series of highly successful conferences that began in December 2010 with the first global ICSECM. The conference lasts more than three days and includes presentations by all the authors of the accepted works as well as the lecturers. Workshops and technical sessions accompany general and plenary sessions. Accepted articles will be published in a special issue with a special international book number (ISBN).

StabilRoad tehnoloogiat esitleti ICSECM 2019 aastaraamatus

StabilRoad® tehnoloogia kasutusel India rahvusvahelises lennujaamas

From March 2020, repairs were started on the existing roads and squares of the airport. Construction of new roads and car parks serving the airport was also started, using StabilRoad® technology. The Government of India also granted special permission to continue work during the quarantine period of the Covid19 virus. This allowed much more work to be done as air traffic was very low at that time. Phase I provided for the stabilization of taxiways and repair works. Phase II will start in autumn and then the main runway and the taxiway will be stabilized.

StabilRoad® kaubamärgi õiguste taotlus Araabia Ühendemiraatides

An application for StabilRoad® trademark rights has been filed in the United Arab Emirates. The first laboratory tests and experiments on the local soil have also been carried out. The results are excellent.

StabilRoad® kaubamärgi õiguste uuendamine Vene Föderatsioonis

We originally registered the trademark in the Russian Federation in 2015 and now we have renewed the trademark and logo for the next 10 years.

Certificate 755350-TM-450-23RU

StabilRoad® tehnoloogiale väljastati Indias riiklik akrediteering

On January 21, 2020, the Indian Roads Congress – IRC- issued an National Accreditation for the use of StabilRoad® technology and additive in Indian road construction and soil stabilization.

IRC akrediteerimisraport